Byko-Lat have signed a 5 year Approved Manufacturing Partner Agreement with Dale Windows. Under the new contract Byko-Lat will manufacture the Dale product under license and will grant UK market exclusivity for Dale Windows.

MD of Dale, Chris Brunsdon, explains:

“ It’s an exciting time for timber windows in the UK . The market is advancing rapidly as homeowners increasingly switch away from PVCu. Sales at Dale Windows have followed suit with year on year increases of over 50%. The renewal off our partnership agreement with BYKO-LAT will ensure that we keep pace with demand and continue to offer reliable, on time delivery at the right price”

As a consequence of the agreement Byko-Lat is investing in a second factory in Valmiera, Latvia to double its window and door output capacity.

-The new factory is going to start production in October 2011 and will focus on supplying Dale Windows in the UK, says Valts Kurpnieks, Managing Director at Byko Lat.

-We have witnessed the growth of Dale during the past 3 years of our collaboration and we are excited to deepen our partnership, support the growth of the business and also investigate new areas of cooperation, says Sampsa Auvinen, CEO of Norvik Timber Industries.

Besides the door and window factory Byko-Lat has also at its Valmiera site a planing mill and a prefabricated house factory. Garden furniture production is located at Byko Lat’s Cesis factory. All production is sold to Europe and North Africa.

Byko-Lat is part of Norvik Timber Industries and and Dale Windows are part of the Performance Timber Products Group.