Jón Helgi Guðmundsson Chairman and C.E.O. of parent company Norvik hf was awarded a certificate for his lifetime work in the Baltic region by the Latvian Government, and it was presented to him by Sampsa Auvinen CEO of Norvik Timber Industries (N.T.I.) during the company’s market meeting in Reykjavik offices on 23rd May.

The business started as Byko- Iceland which now is the largest distributor of building materials in Iceland, and was founded in 1962 by Jón Helgi’s father and uncle, and from these early beginnings, the business grew as a retailer in food, electronics and sporting equipment.

In 1993 the company founded Byko-Lat in Latvia, the first offshore venture the group invested in, and since that time the business has grown in a number of other countries including the U.K.

Praised for his ability to build strong teams, Jón Helgi’s philosophy has always been to let the businesses in the group to run independently, and today companies in the NTI group include Byko-Lat and Vika Wood in Latvia, Laesti Estonia, Jarl Timber Sweden, Norwood in Russia, and CWP and Norvik Shipping in the U.K.